filled with sadness

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filled with sadness

Post by robert adams » Sat Jul 31, 2004 10:46 am

This is more an essay than a poem, but as I was reading all these
"Dark Poetry";

I am filled with sadness for those that are filled with sadness.
As I absorb the pain, the despair, the lonliness, I cry out.
I am filled with anger for those that want to leave it all behind.
I am filled with hope for all of us.
And I am filled with love for all of us.

When you are young and the world doesn't understand you;
it's real.
But it's not.

WE all felt that way when we were young, exactly the same,
with exactly the same feeling.
We understand,.... just can't help you.
In a few years you will be where we are,
understanding but feeling the same... just can't help you.

Hey, you really look good in that black with all those nose rings, etc.
Sure makes you look different!
Oh , excuse me , I thought you were someone else.

Yep, that is terrible, I bet nobody else in the whole world
ever had that happen to her before,
what's that, the same thing happened to you, wow,
oh, and you too.
Well , I guess people do survive a broken heart after all,
silly me, I thought for sure you could die from it, I mean
it hurts so bad, it must be terminal!

I am not dismissing everyones pain.
lord knows, I've had my share.
But life is like a camel cigarette... short.

Don't waste time or energy on the pain
spend it on the joy that surrounds you.
It takes more energy to be sad than it does
to be happy.

What if....
what if something good happens?
What if....
what if he/she really does like me?
What if....
what if my kids grow up to be happy and healthy?
What if....
what if everybody doesn't hate me?
What if...
what if I told you how I feel and you understand?
What if...
what if I fall in love again and live happily everafter?
What if...
what if find a job with great pay and benefits?
What if...
what if I am not the first and only person in the world to feel this
way, and I will survive and learn from it all and be a happier, better
person for it.

Come on everybody, stop and smell the roses.
Yeah I know there are thorns, but so what, getting stuck by a rose thorn
won't kill you.

luck and joy,
Write about it, then Get over it!


Post by Guest » Sun Nov 27, 2005 6:56 pm

What great thoughts that you have shared here. You are right, when we are in pain we think no one could ever possibly know how it feels, but we all feel it, some many times, throughout our lives. We are all very different, but really all the same. My son was murdered and I thought no one ever in the whole wide world can feel this, but I am wrong I am sure.



Post by GLASSHOUSE » Wed Nov 30, 2005 9:04 am



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