An Experiment...

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An Experiment...

Post by 2HousePlague » Wed Oct 19, 2005 11:16 pm

Hello, all -- what a lovely board! Thank you for making it -- :)

My name is Jack Mardack and I have a bit of a blog going at

The idea behind this blog (I have 12 of them :lol: ) is to "re-publish" previously written material, to create an archive, if you will.

This stands apart from most blogging, the intent of which is to create a current journal. I am going back in time, while most bloggers go forward. Another aspect of is that I am deliberately departing from the original chronological sequence in which the pieces were written, so as to create some effect.

Please have a looksee and feel free to leave your thoughts/poems/written reactions of any sort in the appropriate comments area.


Kind Regards,

Jack Mardack

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