Them Tummy Gummers

Here are some of his "THEM" poems from way back.
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Them Tummy Gummers

Postby robert adams » Sat Jul 15, 2006 11:19 pm

How about Them Tummy Gummers ain't they dummies?
Havin' they fun a gummun' they tummies.
Gummin them paunches out o' they mind
Runnin' 'round shoutin' "It's tummy gummin' time"
Look at them Them Tummy Gummers lurkin' in the yard,
Waintin' for a jelly belly, catch it off guard.
Them hell-bent Tummy Gummers, ain't they dummix,
Runnin' through the neighborhood gummin' them stomachs.
How to be a Tummy Gummer, no way to shun it,
Grab an abdomen, haul off and gum it.
Write about it, then Get over it!

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