Shade Tree

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Shade Tree

Post by robert adams » Fri Dec 02, 2005 2:47 am

Ok, I am going to write a poem.

Here we go ....

Wait, it's coming....

just a little bit longer....

I know it will be good....

Man, I just can't wait....

Ok, here it comes.


Get ready.....

Well crap, it went away.

Sorry about that.

wait, what was that?

Did you hear that?

It sounded like a poem didn't it?

Maybe I can catch it when it comes by again.

Yep, here it comes...

Got it!!!

Oh, did you want to hear it too?

Ok , here goes:

Imagine a great oak tree standing alone in a clearing.

its branches spread out all around

Offering shade in abundance.

Imagine you are a weary traveler on the path of life.

needing shelter for just a bit

And come upon that mighty tree.

What a great thing it is to find this tree.

just when you need it the most

and there it is.

With arms outstretched.

Just waiting to offer you comfort.

No questions asked,

Just a place to rest for a while.

Before you move on.

Just Imagine.

robert adams
Write about it, then Get over it!

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