Them Beaver Cleavers

Here are some of his "THEM" poems from way back.
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Them Beaver Cleavers

Post by robert adams » Sat Jul 15, 2006 11:20 pm

How about them beaver cleavers, ain't they rank?
Cleavin' them beavers down on the bank.
Cleavin' they heads and cleavin' they spine,
Bonkin' them beavers, ev'ry one they find.
Look at beaver cleavers ain't they a shock?
Some use a ball-peen, some use a rock.
Them ever clever beaver cleavers hidin' in the leaves,
Beaver comes by, he gets a few cleaves.
How to be a beaver cleaver? Ain't much to it;
Just cold-cock a beaver, and I reckon that will do it!
Write about it, then Get over it!

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