Them Surf Surfs

Here are some of his "THEM" poems from way back.
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Them Surf Surfs

Post by robert adams » Sat Jul 15, 2006 11:24 pm

How about them Surf Surfs, Ain't they dillies?
Bobbin' on the water, like frogs on lilies.
Ridin' them waves, racin' them winds,
Wipin' them outs, Hangin' they tens.
Look at them Surf Surfs, Ain't they fair?
Sun burnt bodies, bright yeller hair.
Them Sun-touched Surf Surfs, Out o' they gourd,
Down on the coastline, floatin' on a board.
How to be a Surf Surf? If you think it's worth it;
Select a swirly surf, board a board and surf it!
Write about it, then Get over it!

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