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First Time Visitors

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Hi all, this is robert.

I just wanted to welcome you and ask you to feel free to contribute any of your work.
If you do not see a category that yours fits in, then by all means ask me and I will create it.

Keep in mind, that this is the internet. Although your work is automatically copyrighted when you create it ( in the US ), that does not mean that someone won't take it and use it for themselves.
There is nothing you can do to stop that from happening if you publish it.

However, there is no point to poetry if nobody sees and reads it , is there?

Personally, I would be pleased to see someone copy my stuff and use it some where.
I would not like it if they called it their own, but what the heck, I would know the truth.

Enjoy and tell your friends, let's make this a great place for poets to meet and be creative.

robert adams
Write about it, then Get over it!
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