The Little Things

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Lady Kali

The Little Things

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The Little Things

There are so many little things
That bring joy into this life
Things that make us happy
And give relief from daily strife.

The laughter of your children
Brings a brightness to your day
Their hugs and soft I love you’s
Is like a song to guide your way.

A rose just bloomed in springtime
Brings a sweetness to the air
And when given as a gift
Helps to show how much we care

A word of love and praise
Helps the day to start
A simple Please or thank you
Can cheer a troubled heart

Thank God for these little things
That he has given you and me
For the lifting of our sorrows
And tossing them to the sea

I know life Sometimes hurts us
And we think we’ll never heal
But focus on the little things
And I assure you friend we will
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