Sand and Camels

Heroes of all kinds.
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Lady Kali

Sand and Camels

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Sand and camels

The verdict is in
We’ve taken a vote
The poll is unanimous
Read what we wrote
We’ve finally decided
We agree as one
We hate sand and camels
And wish this were done
There’s sand in our boots
And some in our food
The heat of the day
Sours our mood
These things they call camels
And some people ride
Are smelly and dirty
We all want to hide
What happened to horses
The noble knight bearers
Instead we have Camels!?
Where did we error
What’s with this place
We cant wear shorts
Pants and a blouse
Make it all worse
That’s another thing
We call it a blouse
Who makes the rules
The lady of the house?
I want to go swimming
Or play in the snow
Please send me home
Why can’t I go
Not enough sleep
Not enough Fun
I thought we said
This war was won
My poem is over
I must play the game
The voting is thru
The results are the same
We still each agree
When it’s all said and done
We hate sand and camels
And want this war won

yes i know very dr seus lol
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