Daddy Was a Soldier

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Lady Kali
Daddy Was a Soldier

Post by Lady Kali » Tue Sep 05, 2006 6:29 am

Daddy was a Soldier

Rumors of a war
Somewhere far away
Call unto our men
Alas they cannot stay

For some it’s merely duty
For others a way of life
To leave behind there home
And fight for Child and wife

Tears around the world
Are shed for these young men
A mother’s heart is weeping
Wife wants him home again

Letters sent between them
A picture of his child
Will keep a soldier going
When out within the wild

Tears shed in loneliness
Prayers whispered in the night
And each time the phone rings
Hearts jump in fright

And yet we cannot stop them
Prayers sent to one above
It’s bred into there blood
To protect those that they love

Each of us should give thanks
For the sacrifices they made
Some of us wouldn’t be here now
Had they merely pulled the shade

And to little ones who’ll wonder
Why did my daddy they take
It was because he loved you greatly
A greater sacrifice he couldn’t make

For those too young to remember
Being held within his arms
And those who never knew
The power of fathers charms

Stand proud and stand tall
Square away your shoulder
Never falter never fall
Your daddy was a soldier

Copyright©2003Billie Hensley

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