Pictures of Home

Heroes of all kinds.
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Lady Kali
Pictures of Home

Post by Lady Kali » Tue Sep 05, 2006 6:30 am

Pictures of Home

When I see our U.S. Soldiers
Standing proud and tall
I often stop and wonder
What stands behind them all
For in each soldier rests
A memory from their past
That gives them strength and courage
Keeps them fighting till the last
If I could paint a portrait
Of what stands behind a soldiers gaze
It would be of home and family
Memories of better days
Of time spent with one they love
Soft words whispered in the night
Of children safely playing
A chance to make things right
This is their inspiration
What drives them to succeed
What gives them hope and courage
And holds them to their creed
Clothes don’t make a soldier
Nor Custom, Rank, and Rules
Its what stands behind each person
These are a soldiers tools

Copyright©2003Billie Hensley

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