For Matt

For Matt

Post by thecharmed01 » Tue Aug 22, 2006 3:00 am

For Matt. 10.10.98

Forever I will think of you
Though I promise I will try
To forget the pain inside
That makes me want to die
I know that you are far away
Too far away to hold
Deep inside this heart of mine
Is something oh so cold
Every time I think of you
Memories flood my mind
Like the waves upon the beach
Crash down – they are not kind
I remember in the past
The way we used to be
Best friends; caring; sharing the things
That made us you and me
Those times were special
Now I know they never will return
Forever is so long to wait
I’ve such a lot to learn
You taught me well although I wish
You’d taken your own advice
About the way to view yourself;
Your life; you should’ve thought twice
I loved you more than you will know
I wish that I had said
I treasured you for all you did
You sorted out my head
You cared about me
You were my friend
You helped me out
Again and again
I always knew that you were there
When I needed you
All I had to do was call
You always would be true
You told me time and time again
If you need me call
Why didn’t you realise
I would never have let you fall
I wish that you’d never felt alone
But knew how much I cared
Of all the things that I would do
To stop you being scared
I know all this now is too late
You have already left
It makes me hurt inside to feel
Where you once were a cleft
You were like my brother Matt
Someone in to confide
All my worst and deepest fears
And secrets none I’d hide
Not from you, you would have known
And told me off about
I know cause you did more than once
You would make me pout
I’ll always have fond memories
Of bruises and black eyes
That you would give out freely
To all those not so friendly guys
Only those that hurt me though
Not to those that cared
And knew enough not to fear
The friendship that we shared
I know I’ll never replace
The friendship, trust and love we had
Or your smiling face
You’ll never know how much I’ll miss you
Your bear hugs and your laugh
Your sound advice and sanity
My little world’s in half
It’s broken now cause you have gone
I know that you aren’t here
You have left such shoes to fill
No one else comes near
My brother is what I’ll call you now
And every time I need you Matt
So that when you are close enough
My shoulder you could pat
It will be just like old times then
As you comfort me
Chasing all my fears away
So light is all I see
I know you are in heaven now
I feel your love is near
Are you watching over me
As I write to you here?
My life now is full of regret
Though I know I should not blame
Myself at all as you would say
But I still feel the same
Why did you feel you could not tell
Me what was going on
The pain and anguish that you felt
It must have weighed a tonne
You really should have burdened me
I could have handled it
I have broad shoulders thanks to you
You would have made it fit
Eight years on earth we did have
Eternity in heaven we will yet share
You and I together, side by side
When to those gates I will arrive
But I will stop now as I know
I love you Matt
Does it show?
This is goodbye but not the end
I will see you in heaven
Your best friend.

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