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Memories. 07.10.98

They say the memories we have
Will always remain
Just like your photo
Locked in its frame

But I didn’t want the memories
I only wanted you
What good is a memory
If it can’t be shared by two?

The day was cold and dreary
You left me standing here alone
I didn’t want to let you go
My heart uttered a moan

Seeing the expression on your face
It was more than I could bear
Peace, and freedom from the pain
I ran – leaving you lying there

They said “it is so tragic”
And “so very very sad”
With all of their false sympathies
It all seems twice as bad

The parlour was so pretty
Every flower was for you
The funeral was desolate
Every teardrop was yours too

They say that time heals all
But for this it is not so
Nothing could ever take away
The pain of letting go

Watching your body sink slowly
Into that deep, dark hole
I knew the pain would never leave
The pit that held my soul

Tears were streaming down my cheeks
My sobs were racked with grief
There is no one to comfort me now
Death is such a thief

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