Post by thecharmed01 » Fri Sep 01, 2006 7:42 pm

I wrote this a couple of days ago........I dont like it much but oh well.

Closing in around my face
I cannot breathe, cant find the space
I know that these are all my sins
My demons fighting from within
But how can I fight them, sight unseen
When they know everywhere I've been
Like ghosts they rule the silent night
Slowly sucking my will to fight
I try to push them all away
But in my conciousness they stay
Too scared to sleep, to dream, to be
I'm so afraid cause they hate me
And all they want is to destroy
Everything that brings me joy
Quod me nutrit me destruit, I say
There has to be another way
The dark is deep, it surrounds my soul
Preventing me from ever being whole
Perfection is the ultimate end
Maybe then my soul could mend

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