These Walls

These Walls

Post by thecharmed01 » Tue Sep 05, 2006 12:31 am

I sit and stare at the walls surrounding me, trapped.
Like an animal. Caged and obsessed.
A desperate need runs through me.
Like a hunger - or a fever. Gripping tightly.
Strangling my soul.
A quick glimpse, a fleeting sight, an ideal reflection, not yet perfection.
I want to escape. Break these chains, tear down these walls.
A dying need to walk away, to get outside - just look back in.
What would I see if I got that chance?
Passion Obsession Desire Fire Pain Hate.
Do I want to see? To feel emotion?
Or stay where I am, solo - alone.
A journey of torture, ending in pain.
Looking still at the walls again.
My mind ran away, for a brief moment in time.
Where pause was relief, but relief isnt here.
These walls are.

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