Post by thecharmed01 » Tue Sep 05, 2006 12:39 am

Again, probably not what it seems......

It's like a part of me is missing
A voice once so loud is silent
I echo through the darkness
As my cries become more violent
The anger grows, it turns to hate
How could she leave me on my own
What can I do now, how can I cope?
I just dont think I can do this alone
Every decision that needs to be made
Feels like I'm doing the wrong thing
Second guessing every time
I need her here to complete this ring
No longer whole when I'm all alone
I'm watching myself falling further down
How can I bring her back where she belongs
She's the only one who can turn this around
I look in the mirror and hate what I see
But it's her fault, all this, she did this
She knew I couldnt do it without her
I need you back, please, it's you I miss

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