I watched you as you slept

Lady Kali
I watched you as you slept

Post by Lady Kali » Tue Sep 05, 2006 6:54 am

I watched you as you slept

I sat along your side, late into the night
I gazed upon your face, shedding tears of joy
Sorrow mixed within for what I could not hold
You cuddled to my pillow as a child would clutch a toy

You seemed lost within this world
Sleeping fitfully at best
Your dreams must have troubled you
For you could not find much rest

You tossed and turned and grumbled
Whispers from a need to speak
I laid down next to you
And placed a hand upon your cheek

And then came a transformation
The strangest thing I’ve seen
You smiled and breathed most evenly
A Shifting of your dream

Countless times I’ve done this
And the result is always the same
Your soul connects with mine
My heart softly speaks your name

I gently stroked your hair
To capture each fragment
Memorizing your face
For my own later torment

Emotions so overwhelming
Too complicated to describe
Joy and sorrow mixed
A reaction hard to hide

Tears quietly streaming
From the depths within my soul
An open window I must close
For your heart to me is cold

How can I say I love you
When I know that you don’t care
How could I give my heart to you
An emotion you cannot share

One word and I would wait for you
And yet I know you would not say
Your future is not mine
I can not make you stay

How can I say goodbye
To face my own worst fear
Must I let go all these feelings
That I hold so dear

Why can’t I say goodbye
Knowing I was wrong
To even dare imagine
This could last for very long

Dearest one I’ll always miss you
Thou my heart be shattered and gray
And always will it torment me
I could not make you stay

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