Within My Dreams

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Lady Kali

Within My Dreams

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Within My Dreams

I drifted off in weariness
Thoughts of you inside my head
Cold without your touch
Curled alone upon my bed

And within my dreams I found
You waiting there for me
Arms outstretched in greeting
Together we were free

Love sparkled in your eyes
My fondest wish come true
All of us a family
The children me and you

We lived inside a home
Filled with warmth and love
Gardens filled with flowers
The sun shown bright above

The sun set within my dream
And we cuddled there in bed
You kept me safe and warm
Spoke of future days ahead

I drifted off to sleep
A smile upon my face
Knowing I had finally found
My own perfect place

I awakened in this world
And reached for you as before
To find your place was empty
Mist gave way to reality once more

Each night is much the same
I often dream of you
Tendrils of past memories
Are all that see me thru
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